The Real Cost of Rubber #4

By watching the presentations of other groups topics, the theme of people, places, and power became more and more evident. In the case of labor vs big business, it was individual people who had power over the masses. Insanely wealthy businessmen like Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Carnegie, and Pullman monopolized all the money within their corporation; […]

The Real Cost of Rubber #3

Working with a group of people who each had the opportunity to individually form their own understanding of the topic helped me to personally clarify and expand my own understanding because they brought to light new perspectives that I had never considered. For instance, we, as a group, added the key terms ‘Imperialism’ and ‘The […]

The Real Cost of Rubber #2

Introduction: This updated version of the project contains primary source evidence to further enrich and focus the main ideas behind my study of the European Imperialization of Africa. Through reading primary source accounts of this event, it was clear what key terms and ideas are more relevant than others and what different perspectives could be […]