19th Century “Democracy”

Today democracy can be defined, as it is in the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary, as a form of government controlled by the people either directly or indirectly through representation and periodic free election. Ideally, in a democratic society, the supreme power is vested with the citizens. The definition of democracy was not always this way though. Back […]

Romantic Art Work

In Theodore Gericault’s painting, The Raft of Medusa, several prominent features mark it as a piece of Romantic artwork. The most noticable traits of Romanticism within this piece are how it appeals to emotion and how it shows the grotesque through the horrific images of the dead bodies on the raft. These corpses set the gruesome and somber mood of […]

Revolutions of 1830 an 1848

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1WbU0aZZvloOXbbBQZ_4s8c0qqOrmXJ_sBceTDDuD7So/edit?usp=sharing Although the revolutions of 1830 and 1848 technically all failed, they still cannot be classified as completely unsuccessful like many historians have determined.  Despite the resulting defeat, many of the countries that were discussed in class had partially successful outcomes. For example, during the French Revolution of 1848, the French revolutionaries had some successes […]

Reactions to the Monroe Doctrine

When the conservative ideology of the Quintuple Alliance began to influence people on the western hemisphere, it resulted in one of “Monroe’s Woes.” Monroe’s Woe was the fact that the Holy Alliance was discussing weather they should enforce the principle of intervention to help Spain regain control over the newly liberated Latin American colonies. Monroe […]

The Congress of Vienna

The Congress of Vienna was an extravagant meeting of European powers to solve crucial issues after Napoleon was defeated. Together they had to decide what to do about the adjustments made to country boarders under Napoleon’s rule, how to establish the next French leader, and how the Quadruple Alliance should prepare itself for future revolutions. […]

Ideologies in the 19th Century

Liberalism Vine Link The vine that my group created shows a person labeled “the majority” tackling a king that brags of having absolute power. At the end of the vine, “the majority” stomps on the crown triumphantly to show how the people should have more control than they previously had in their old governmental systems. […]