How the Haitian Revolution was Globally Received and it’s Impact on Haiti Summary

The Haitian Revolution stands apart from the countless other revolutions dotted across world history because of its truly revolutionary nature; this revolution was the first of its kind. Black slaves in Saint-Dominique listened to the words of France’s newly formed constitution and came to the realization that the enslaved people deserved to share the same […]

Napoleon’s Impact on Europe

When Napoleon came to power in France, his control expanded all across the World as he conquered or allied himself with almost every European nation (excluding Great Britain). This power put Napoleon in a position of great authority and enabled him to bring about wide-reaching social, economic, and political changes. (Painting of Napoleon Riding into […]

Great Britain vs United States Comparison

During the Industrial Revolution, work in factories shaped people’s lives as it became more and more necessary in order to support a family. Factory work in both the United States and Great Britain at this time often involved low wages, long hours, and poor conditions. With this being said, the conditions in American factories were […]

Mary Paul’s Experience in Lowell

  Over the course of four years, Mary writes six letters home to her family describing her experiences. Progressively, the tone of each letter home gets less and less optimistic as she faces the harsh realities of life in Lowell. At first, Mary begins her letters by attempting to persuade her father to let her […]